How to import and edit CD+G karaoke songs in Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro

This tutorial shows how to use the latest addition to Karaoke CD+G Creator 2.4, which is a CD+G file import. It is an intelligent tool that allows loading existing CD + G songs and editing them in Karaoke CD + G Creator.
So first think you need is a CD+G file. This should be a regular CD+G song, as ripped from a CD+G disc with Power CD+G Burner, or purchased from the web site that sells downloadable karaoke music.
To load this song into Karaoke CD+G Creator click Import CD+G File button. In the window that opens you need to point the file you want to load. Two file formats are supported: CDG and BIN. If you choose CDG format Karaoke CD+G Creator will look for an MP3 file of the same name and load it as a soundtrack.
There are a couple of options in this window – one that will copy Clear screen events to your project, and the other that will try to detect colors and size of the lyrics and set them accordingly.
Once you click OK the program will analyze the file, look for the lyrics, and convert them to text. After processing is done the text and the soundtrack will be displayed in the editor.
Karaoke CD+G Creator uses optical character recognition technique to read text in CD+G files. This approach works for most of the songs, but if the lyrics are displayed with unusual font Karaoke CD+G Creator may be unable to read the lyrics. It is always a good idea to check the results for spelling mistakes, as there may be a one or two in the song.
No you have a regular Karaoke CD+G Creator project. Lyrics are already synchronized, as timing information has been loaded from CD+G file. You may play the song to check if this is indeed the case. Also the lyrics are editable; you may change the words if you want. You may also merge or divide lines of text.
So once the lyrics are in place you may apply one of the visual styles to make our song look the way we want it. To do this click Apply style button. Here you can choose one of the pre-made styles that define the look of the title screen, lyrics and the credits screen. As you can see there is a couple of styles to choose from, let’s use the style added in version 2.4, Simple. When you select a style you see a preview of it in the preview window. Also please note that title and artist fields are filled in and match the song. This is because Karaoke CD+G Creator reads information tags from MP3 files to fill these fields. Now you are ready to apply the style. So click OK and the style will be applied.
And finally this is the time to create your own CDG file. To do this click Create CDG File button. Here you have some options which you do not need to change, as style has set all of them for you. You might want to check what format of the file will be created –it may be BIN or CDG file. Then click OK.
After the file is created it opens in the player. Here you can check that everything is OK.

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